Automated Reports for your ADP DMS

Excel and ADP Automation for Hyperion

Not only can you gather large amounts of information automatically from ADP and load quickly to Hyperion, you can also automate creation and distribution of Excel Reports!

Loading Trial Balances

You may be loading individual dealership trial balances using a text file via FDM to Hyperion.  But, with automation, you can load all of your dealerships all at once via a single text file.

Using Excel and VBA, we can pull all of your stores trial balances from ADP into a single spreadsheet, and then generate a single text file for loading to FDM in just minutes.  It is not necessary for you to cycle through and load individual dealerships; you can do all of them in one crack!

Load with the Smartview Excel Addin

You may be using the Smartview addin already to load, but there is much more you can do with VBA.

Don’t cycle through individual dealership spreadsheets and load data one at a time; rather, create a single spreadsheet linked to all those individual spreadsheets and load everything all at once.

Or, for instance, automatically pull all your dealerships RAPs from ADP into a single spreadsheet (see the RAP Report Template example on the “For Groups” page) and load all the data to Hyperion with one click!

Use Automation to Publish and Distribute Reports

Instead of publishing your reports to pdf and printing, we can automatically cycle through various Hyperion entities using a single Excel template to generate multiple reports and save those reports in Excel format where ever you like.

Contact me for more examples - You would be surprised how much faster and easier your Hyperion reporting processes can become with automation!