Automated Reports for your ADP DMS

*Requires some custom programming by ADP/CarInk

Custom Financial Statement Example


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Custom Excel Financial Statement

Your financial statement is your primary financial report - why not have it like you want it?

You may find yourself reviewing financial statements in several different manufacturer formats, and asking yourself "wouldn't it be nice if we had our own standard financial with our own layout?"

Or, maybe you have elected to load an additional manufacturer statement so that at least you get a common format.  But, you are still constrained by those particular pcl codes, and the particular layout of that statement.

You can have your own custom financial statement!*

Here are some of the advantages of an Excel-based custom financial:

  • Any layout, with any number of codes and any number of pages with any kind of calculations you want to do -
  • It's fast - run time is less than 10 seconds (see a running custom financial ------>)

  • Very easy to maintain - the financial includes a fully coded trial balance where you can easily find where a particular account is coded, or see what accounts are coded to a particular line - a listing of uncoded accounts is also included, and the capability to automatically code accounts -
  • No need to "post" memo accounts - where a memo is needed, just input it directly to the particular cell in the sheet- and they "stick" from month to month -

  • The statement balances "to the penny"- there is no rounding like you find in the manufacturer statements - if the statement says you are out of balance by 3 cents, then you have an account not coded!

And there is more:

  • You can have multiple custom statements for each dealership - maybe you want a more "traditional" GAAP-type statement for bankers, external auditors, etc. - you can have as many as you want -
  • Easily combine unrelated entities (different ADP store numbers) into a single combined statement -
  • Don't have a standard chart? - an Excel-based custom financial can get you to the level of "standardization" you need without the headache of going through chart conversions -
You can even pull the individual coded trial balances at anytime you want into a single Excel spreadsheet (run time about 4 seconds per trial balance) - very useful for creating "daily" reports, and great for loading into a database like Hyperion.

And, by using the methods described previously, you can cover the bulk of your internal reporting by simply "linking" to all your custom financial statements.

So, check out the Custom Financial Statement Example image to the right and get an idea of what kind of statement you can have (look at Page 8 for an example of some things you don't usually see in a traditional manufacturer statement).