Automated Reports for your ADP DMS

MGR Report Example

RAP Report Example

Receivables Master Example


Vehicle Inventory Master Example 

*For uncomplicated data, like most financial reporting, a database in not needed.  For analysis of things like car deals (where you have information on the customer, the vehicle being purchased, maybe a trade, terms, F&I products purchased, etc., etc., etc.) a database is definitely the optimal solution.

Automated Excel Reports for Dealer Groups

At the Group management level, you can also take advantage of automated templates to quickly gather and generate reports.

You can run any ADP reports you desire for multiple stores across multiple ADP boxes with one button click – MGR, RAPs, AGRM, AGRB, custom reports; you name it. Create whatever type of group report needed from any number of individual dealership reports.

Below are a couple of examples:

MGR Report Template

This report was generated for 15 stores pulling 2 MGRs each; one for the month, and one year to date - total time to run about 5 seconds per MGR.

RAP Report Template

Here we pulled 15 RAPS on 10 different stores; 10 service departments, and 5 body shop departments - total run time about 10 – 15 seconds per RAP - can run for any time period you like.

Consolidated Group Reporting; Putting It All Together

You don't need a database; what you need are "smart spreadsheets*"
For groups with the need to efficiently and quickly “rollup” individual dealership results and reports, but don’t want the considerable expense of a full-reporting database system (like Hyperion), Excel can provide you the solution.

By using the combination of standardized templates at the individual dealership level (see the "For Dealerships" page) and Group reporting templates, you can establish a complete internal reporting system.

First of all, you need a location on your internal network where you can establish folders for your dealerships to save their templates and/or other work papers (no more collecting dealership reports via email!).
Next, all of the standardized dealership templates you choose to use include VBA code so that the sheets know what folder to save to, and what to name that particular template automatically every time (the sheet has a “Save/Submit” button where all that VBA code resides).
Then, it is a simple matter to create any type of internal reporting spreadsheet you wish by “linking” to all those individual templates. See below for a simple flow-chart of how this works.

Here are a couple of examples of Group level reports created by using these methods:

Receivables Master Template

Generated by linking to 15 individual dealership Receivables Analysis Template spreadsheets (see "For Dealerships" page) - time to "update" about 8 to 15 seconds - note ability to sort and/or filter on any column, and select any individual category of receivables you wish to see.

Vehicle Inventory Master Template

Generated by linking to 15 individual dealership Vehicle Inventory Analysis Template spreadsheets (see "For Dealerships" page) - time to "update" about 8 to 15 seconds - note ability to sort and/or filter on any column, and select the vehicle inventory category you wish to see for both new and used.

And if you do have a sophisticated reporting database like Hyperion - even better!

Use the methods described above to get quick reporting without worrying about loading the database - link report spreadsheets to the dealership standarized/automated spreadsheets.

And, for more complete comprehensive monthly/quarterly reporting, load those automated dealership spreadsheets into the database (see the "Hyperion Automation" page for more info).

So the closing point regarding these automated templates is that they serve two purposes; providing time-saving management tools for the individual dealerships, and they provide perfect source information for automating your group consolidated reporting.

But, wait - we are not done - we have not covered the most important automated reporting template you can have; a true custom financial statement - see the next page "A Real Custom FS!!"