Automated Reports for your ADP DMS

New!! - AC Capture for Drive

Do You Remember AC Capture?

If you have been using ADP for a while, you are no doubt familiar with Reflections.  And if you have used Reflections, you know one of the best things about it was the AC Capture macros developed by Ted Stehr of ADP.

But with the newer ADP Websuite and Drive products, AC Capture is nowhere to be found.
AC Capture is Back and Available for Drive!
Based on the original AC Capture for Reflections, all the macros have been revamped, updated and modified to work with Drive.

The AC Capture for Drive macros are available in a stand-alone Blue Zone session (which is basically a direct Reflections replacement) and also work in your Drive DMS windows.

Click on the image to see an AGRS run by AC Capture in a Blue Zone session ------->