Automated Reports for your ADP DMS


Why use Excel for your reports?

Excel is not just a handy calculation program.  With it you can analyze, slice, dice and present data in about anyway you can imagine.  It can be the key to realizing tremendous efficiency in your work.  And, you are already using it -

But, the real the power of Excel lies with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the programming language included in Excel.  With it, your reports can be fully-automated -

What do I mean by "fully-automated?"

You may be pulling data out of ADP for various types of reports, and find yourself going through many steps to get it the way you want.  This would include capturing it somehow, maybe sorting, formatting, etc. before you finally get that spreadsheet "just right."

But, with VBA, it is possible to automate not just some, but all the steps it takes to create great interactive Excel reports. We can take about any kind of report or combination of reports from ADP and present them the way you really want to see them!

Want to see a fully-automated report in action?  Just click on the image----------> 

In the following pages, you will find many examples of automated Excel templates. They are all examples, and are available to be customized to your preferences and requirements.

So, read on, and thanks for visiting!